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    Author Andrew Engaldo

    Andrew is a Tax Senior and has been with GTN since 2019. He helps clients manage the tax risks of their mobile and remote workforces with the use of our Mobile Workforce Management solution and Whereabouts™ technology. Through this solution, Andrew helps clients implement policies and processes that help streamline the compliance requirements for their entire workforce. He also has experience in all aspects of mobility tax, tax consulting, preparation and review of expatriate and foreign national tax returns, tax equalization, cost projection, and related mobility tax program planning. +1.619.758.4147 |
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    Establishing the Global Policy and Approval Framework for Remote Work Requests—A Case Study

    In 2020, a leading e-commerce business began receiving remote work requests from employees on a regular basis. The company quickly realized they didn’t have appropriate policies, processes, or bandwidth in place to handle the requests. Unsure of where to start, they reached out to GTN for assistance. GTN worked alongside the company to build a global remote work policy and automated approval process that not only ensured employee and employer tax compliance, but also maintained a strong company culture and positive employee experience.

    How to Build a Business Case for Remote Work and Business Travel Services

    As remote work requests continue to roll in and the future of work is one that embraces a mobile workforce, C-suite executives are pushing to offer remote work as a valuable incentive to retain and attract talent. While a drive to offer this employee incentive has already realized advantages for companies, it has also come with many challenges and compliance requirements that still need to be addressed.