Author Leigh Keatts

Leigh has eight years of experience in international and mobility tax. She joined GTN in 2015 and currently serves as Manager in GTN’s Atlantic region. She supports mobility programs by being a part of her client’s cross-functional business groups and getting to know their mobility needs. When she is not supporting her clients, she is out climbing rocks.
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When Should Your Business Bring in a Mobility Tax Consultant?

Most companies recognize that sending an employee overseas for a long-term assignment or permanent relocation can create a broad range of issues for both the employee and employer. Those companies are aware that they will likely need to provide the mobile employee with assistance in addressing such issues as visas, work permits, and travel and relocation expenses. The fact that the employee and employer are likely facing a new tax environment following the move is sometimes unknown or may even be kicked down the road to be dealt with after the other issues have been resolved.