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    Author Sowmya Rao

    Sowmya has ten years of experience in mobility tax. She joined GTN in 2018 and currently serves as Manager in GTN’s South region. Sowmya helps clients manage the details and deadlines of their mobility tax programs. In addition, she assists with expatriate tax planning, compliance, and consulting and works through the intricacies of mobility programs by supporting her clients at every step. | +1.713.244.5021
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    What Does a Mobility Tax Services Firm Do?

    A mobile employee moving from their Home country to an overseas location usually discovers fairly quickly that their tax situation has become far more complex as a result of the move. If the employee is moving from a low-tax location to a country with a high income tax, that employee may be facing a major increase in tax liability as a result of the move. Additionally, the mobile employee may encounter tax issues related to the sale or rental of their home, moving expenses for state reporting purposes, state residency issues, and a number of other issues they may not be prepared to handle on their own.