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Foreign Asset Reporting Form T1135 Foreign Income Verification Stmt

Overview When a Canadian taxpayer owns "specified foreign property," which is generally any foreign investment property costing more than C$100,000 at any time in the year, they are required by the Canadian Income Tax Act to complete ...
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Permanent Establishment Risk in the Global Mobility Context

Introduction In the March 2014 newsletter, we presented a high-level overview of both worldwide and territorial corporate tax systems. In this article, we consider how the physical presence of employees in a host country can cause the ...
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Updates for UK Mobility Tax

With the numbers of individuals moving to the UK increasing, and the tax rules changing so dramatically for mobile employees, it is now more important than ever to ensure that all mobile employees have access to professional tax ...
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Foreign Bank Account Reporting

Executive summary US persons with financial accounts maintained outside the US must report these accounts to the US Department of the Treasury annually if the balance exceeds a certain level during the year. Due to continuing media ...
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Technology Tools for Mobile Employees

Travel can be frustrating for your mobile employees if they do not have the right resources. In this month's newsletter, our guest author, Cathy Heyne, GMS, Managing Director, Marketing & Business Development for Living Abroad ...
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Corporate Taxation Overview for Mobility Professionals

Introduction Have you ever wondered what the professionals in your company’s tax department do? How are your company’s taxes computed and how do they affect your bottom-line Earnings per Share numbers? In this newsletter, we’ll ...
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Income Tax Treaties - The "183 Day Rule"

As a follow-up to our January 2014 newsletter regarding short-term assignments, in this month’s newsletter, Brett Sipes, a Director in GTN’s Pacific region, highlights the impact of income tax treaties on the tax cost of short-term ...
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Pros and Cons of Short-Term Assignments

Short-term international assignments are increasingly being utilized within many companies' international assignment programs. A short-term international assignment is often defined by companies as an assignment of greater than 30 ...
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