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Global Tax Network ("GTN") is a mobility tax services firm. We provide mobility program development and support for organizations, including tax planning and preparation services for employees on international assignment, transferring to a new country, or working temporarily outside of their home location (i.e., short term international assignments).

We focus on emerging to mid-sized mobility programs. GTN has clients who are sending their first employee on assignment to companies with established mobility programs. We help company human resource professionals and relocation companies create a smooth employee experience, as well as assist with organizational policy, procedures and updates. Our services are also available directly to individuals with mobility tax needs.

Service Advantages
Our focus in this service field provides:

Client Benefits
We combine excellent client service, technical expertise, and leading-edge technology to provide a full range of mobility tax services. All of our firm's resources are dedicated to the tax needs of the mobile employees and the organizations that support them to help create a smooth employee experience.

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