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Traveling to another state or country for work can be confusing

  • Has your company requested you transfer to another country leaving you concerned about the tax implications of working in a new jurisdiction?

  • Are you anxious or worried because the tax support your company was providing has just ended?

  • Are you confused by the tax laws in multiple locations and looking for assistance with your domestic or international tax filings?

Schedule a call today to discuss your situation, ease your confusion, and know you have an expert on your side to help you feel confident in your tax requirements.




You deserve to work with an expert who will help you through the challenging tax compliance landscape

Personalized support
Personalized assistance tailored to your unique situation through dedicated tax professionals who are with you every step of the way
Global coverage
Coverage and resources around the world that keep you up to date and compliant no matter where your employer sends you
Secure and protected
Priority focus on data privacy to ensure your personal information stays safe and secure





We help individuals just like you navigate their complicated tax situations

“I have great faith in the accuracy of anything the GTN team produces, which is hugely important to me given the lengthy tax returns we have.”

“GTN has been filing my taxes for many years - I appreciate the partnership.”

“High level of confidence in everything provided as it was clear that the consultant was extremely knowledgeable and confident.”

“Per the last x years of survey feedback I've provided, I greatly appreciate Tracy Novotny and her team for their dedication to accuracy, speed, and professional expertise! Tracy and team are the reason we've continued to be loyal to GTN.”

“Very good work on a very difficult and involved set of tax returns.”

“Excellent job of clearly answering my many questions.”

“I really enjoyed the experience working with the team. Courteous, efficient, helpful. Great in every aspect.”

“I was very happy with the help and service by my GTN team. Exceptional work.”

“Another year, happy again! Great job. Will keep coming back year after year for sure.”


3 steps to mobility tax peace of mind

Personalized Assessment
Schedule a call with one of our mobility tax experts so we can discuss your current concerns.
Customized Solution
Once we understand your goals and challenges, we will build a solution that fits your unique needs.
Implement and Maintain
Next, we will implement the action items and provide ongoing guidance and support to keep you tax compliant.