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Keeping your business and your workforce compliant

Most businesses struggle with understanding and complying with global tax laws related to their business travelers, remote workers, and work anywhere employees. GTN's Mobile Workforce Management solutions, enabled by our WhereaboutsTM technology, provides a seamless approach to managing the compliance risks and requirements for your entire workforce.


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How it works

Schedule a call
Schedule a call with our team so we can unlock the key issues you are facing, outline the potential areas of tax compliance gaps that need to be addressed, and determine the next steps for your company and workforce.
Develop a policy and process
Together with your team, we develop a mobile workforce policy and process that bridges the gap between where your employees are working and your company's compliance needs.
Compliance support
Once you have the policy and process in place, our team provides the necessary support to keep your company and employees compliant with all income, social, and payroll tax requirements.



Eliminate the tax risks for your mobile workforce with the pre-travel assessment

The WhereaboutsTM pre-travel module is configured to your needs and linked directly to your corporate travel and HR systems. It is designed to manage the tax risks for your mobile employees by providing an upfront travel assessment, including permanent establishment, tax, and social security risks and alerts.


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Enable mobile employee compliance with the post-travel module

The WhereaboutsTM post-travel module manages the tax risks for your mobile workforce by providing a retrospective travel assessment. This includes cumulative reporting for permanent establishment or nexus risk, payroll withholding, income tax, and social security.


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The value to you

Monitoring the whereabouts of your mobile workforce
Providing relevant data insights for employees working remotely or away from their Home location, so you stay informed and have a clear, actionable plan.
Workforce planning
We will help you identify and understand all mobile employee scenarios to ensure you have a policy and plan for each one.
Improve employee communications
Improve the employee experience by having tax FAQ documents, checklists, and other relevant tax information prepared by GTN for your mobile employees.
Full support and management
We will design, implement, and manage the process with you, interacting with the tax authorities to ensure “business as usual” for your team.
Simple integration
Configured to your needs and linked to your corporate travel, HR system, or any other system you use to track your mobile employees.
Real-time alerts
Dashboards and alerts updated in real-time to identify potential compliance risks.