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An engineering company engaged GTN to manage their business traveler population. Their immediate need was for us to address any current compliance risks in 20 countries and then manage and maintain those risks on an ongoing basis for their entire business traveler population. 


1,000 tracked business travelers
150 business travelers requiring
action per year
10 payrolls operated

Addressing the client's issues and pain points

By determining risks and regulatory requirements, taxable events, and integrating with their other vendors, we were able to ensure full compliance for their business traveler population. 


In which locations do we have risks and regulatory requirements for our business travelers?

This client had a large number of business travelers working across state and country borders and no solid process to track what risks or regulatory requirements they were incurring.

We resolved this issue by: 

  • Helping them to design suite of policies including a business traveler policy that fully defined their business traveler program and the employee requirements needed to keep travelers compliant
  • Implementing that process including change management, process mapping and flows, and decision-making escalation points 
  • Delivering the tax technical support for their business travelers including individual income tax requirements, corporate tax needs, and social
    security requirements


How can we identify business travelers that have taxable events and what are the next steps?

Since they had no tracking or systems in place to alert them when they had a taxable event (such as the activity, number of days being spent in the other location, and no exemption from tax reporting requirements) the company not only put their organization at risk of reputational damage, they also put their employees at risk of being subject to non-compliance in different jurisdictions.

We implemented their policy and processes to ensure all business travelers were being assessed before they traveled and tracked during travel. We then took the necessary steps to ensure compliance at different stages for all traveling employees.


How can we simplify the process and integrate with multiple vendors?

As with many companies, our client was looking for a way to reduce their time sending the same information to their strategic vendors, such as their immigration firm, payroll provider, tax firm, and employer of record. 

We alleviated this issue by building a process and configuring technology that not only tracks their business travelers, but also allows us to seamlessly share the relevant data among all their chosen vendors.