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How HR Teams Can Prepare for the Remote Work Boom

November 2021  |  Mark Tirpak

The way employees work continues to morph as a result of COVID-19, and it appears the remote workforce is here to stay. However, most HR departments haven’t adjusted to this uptick in remote work. With more and more employees working across state and international borders, this workforce trend is poised to set off a multitude of problems, including potential tax violations. As long-term remote work sparks a growing number of consequences, HR professionals need to reassess their remote work policies now to avoid long-term headaches in the future.

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Hidden tax dangers and benefits of a remote workforce

October 2021  |  Jen Stein

It’s time for tax and mobility professionals to brace for change. The pandemic has accelerated remote workforce trends, and working from anywhere is becoming a baked-in feature at companies. For accounting offices and mobility leaders, the realities of managing a remote workforce, both positive and negative, are setting in.

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Combatting Corporate Tax Risk in the Age of
Remote Work

October 2021  |  David Livitt

This paper examines the rising tax and compliance risks growing out of remote
work trends, analyzes best practices that corporate entities can use to track
employee whereabouts, and outlines the most prevalent techniques for adjusting
corporate travel policies to an increasingly remote workforce.

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Allinial Global continues its winning growth strategy with Global Tax Network

June 2021  |  David Kolb

Zoya Malik spoke to GTN’s president David Kolb about the synergies gained in becoming a member of Allinial Global and the impact of the pandemic on tax legislation and providing advisory services to the global mobility market.

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Tracking Your Employees’ Whereabouts: What’s Acceptable, What’s Not?

June 2021  |  David Livitt

Many HR departments don’t have the mechanisms in place to keep track of an increasingly remote workforce. In this article, David Livitt, global practice leader, business traveler and remote worker solutions, Global Tax Network, writes why tracking is essential, how to preserve employee privacy, and the strategies for effective implementation.

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The Future of Work: Why the C-Suite Needs to Align with HR on Employee Mobility Issues

June 2021  |  Brett Sipes

A landslide of remote work requests is crashing into businesses, and it’s revealing alarming holes in the way corporations are managing employee mobility. Chances are, remote work is already bogging down your HR department, and if you don’t act soon, your company and employees could be exposed to global tax compliance and employee incentive problems.

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For a Remote Workforce, New Rules for Business Travel in 2021

May 2021  |  David Livitt

Business travel is changing before our eyes as employees flock to remote work. However, as travel re-opens, the push toward a global workforce is creating a riskier tax landscape.

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Tax And Compliance Implications In The Rise Of A Mass Rush Of Remote Work Requests

May 2021  |  David Livitt

It’s no secret that remote work is exploding. What’s not talked about as often are the massive workloads and tax risks this shift to remote work is piling onto HR professionals. HR teams are receiving an influx of remote work requests, and most companies are positioned to let critical tax and compliance issues slip through the cracks.

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The Tax Implications of the American Rescue Plan for Mobility

April 2021  |  Jen Stein

With tax season underway, here’s what you need to know about how the American Rescue Plan affects mobility.

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Ford Motor Co. Shows Mobility Compliance as a New Direction for Travel Managers

April 2021  |  Featured

The ever-changing role of the travel manager appears to have mutated yet again thanks to macro-trends that stretch well beyond the business travel sector. Step forward the mobility compliance manager, a role certainly accelerated by new border controls in response to Covid-19 but that was emerging anyway thanks to increased unrelated checks and restrictions on international freedom of movement.

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