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Remote Work Tax and Compliance Considerations CFOs Need to Focus On

August 2023  |  Brett Sipes

With so much attention drifting toward the productivity of remote workers in the post–COVID-19 environment, many CFOs are overlooking the related critical tax and compliance issues. As remote work continues to grow, companies could run into massive consequences in the near future if tax and compliance problems are neglected. This article will shine a light on the most urgent tax and compliance challenges that are springing up out of remote work, and highlight what CFOs need to do to protect companies from these concerns.

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3 Steps to Protect Your Remote Employees as Risks Rise

July 2023  |  Jen Stein

More than ever, small and growing businesses are adopting remote work programs. But there are safety and compliance dangers that spring out of remote work—and business leaders don’t always recognize them until it’s too late. If you own a business that offers remote work, you need to proactively plan to ensure employees are safe and you’re upholding your duty of care responsibilities.

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Centuro Global announce new AI partnership to speed up ‘work from anywhere’ requests

June 2023  |  GTN

Centuro Global, the leading AI-powered SaaS platform that helps companies expand globally and compliantly all in one place, has announced it is developing a first of its kind international remote working and assignment compliance tool, in partnership with Global Tax Network (GTN).

With the rapid rise in "workation" requests and demand for remote working from employees, global mobility teams, heads of HR and talent management leads will now be able to assess, approve and begin processing "workation" requests in a single one-stop shop.

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How to Chart an IT Roadmap for Mobile Equity Compliance

April 2023  |  Tara Hagen

Companies with a growing remote workforce could have significant mobile equity compliance problems brewing, and the consequences could land on IT’s shoulders. Tara Hagen, director at Global Tax Network, points out the mobile equity compliance risks that are growing on the horizon and break down ways IT can avoid the onslaught of extra work it could create.

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With Employees on the Move, Make Sure You Can See the Entire Map

February 2023  |  Jen Stein

About two-thirds of American employees work remotely at least part of the time. Ensuring compliance means more than just making sure they log on at the right time. Tax expert Jennifer Stein talks about the importance of aligning all your organization’s stakeholders to reduce risk.

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20 Days to a Better Firm: Keep them in the loop

November 2022

While it's all too common for companies of all kinds to keep their employees in the dark about the state of the business — breeding rumors, fear and worse — the top workplaces in the accounting profession take the opposite approach, sharing plenty of information (though not, of course, every little detail) about the present circumstances and future prospects of the firm to keep staff engaged and optimistic.

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3 Mobile Equity Challenges Healthcare Companies Face and How to Solve Them

October 2022  |  Chris Hall

Everything from the rise in telehealth trends to the COVID-19 pandemic has increased remote work within the healthcare sector. As companies face shortages and risks from face-to-face encounters, it’s likely that the remote workforce will only continue to grow within healthcare. However, if your healthcare organization offers equity compensation, such as stock options or restricted stock, remote work could cause substantial tax implications. Healthcare leaders who spot and avoid these potential mobile equity challenges now could prevent tax violations, regulatory penalties, and talent shortages down the road.

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Secrets to a Successful Remote or Hybrid Work Program For Nonprofits

August 2022  |  Eric Loff

Much of the nonprofit sector turned to remote work out of necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as offices reopen, organizations need to decide how remote work will fit into their business strategy. What many leaders don’t realize is that remote work carries unique risks and challenges — especially when it comes to tax and compliance issues. However, by adopting a proactive approach to remote and hybrid working arrangements, nonprofits can avoid these headaches and chart a more successful course for the employees and their organizations.

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How to Prevent Global Payroll Disasters in the Remote Work Era

August 2022 | Brett Sipes

Remote work exploded during the pandemic, and it’s likely to continue. However, many payroll departments are still trying to grasp the tax and withholding requirements that stem from this rapid shift in work. If you don’t plan to limit risks soon, your remote workers may cause your company massive headaches in the near future.

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Common Mobility Tax Mistakes in the Energy Sector and How to Avoid Them

August 2022 | Jen Stein

As international travel picks up, energy corporations are turning to mobile employees to fulfill their international staffing needs. However, as mobile work gains steam, tax and compliance risks continue to grow as well—unbeknownst to most corporate leaders. Many businesses, unfortunately, are failing to set up an adequate plan to protect against tax violations in the home and host locations of their employees, and it could cause tax nightmares in the near future.

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Why Retailers Need a Global Mobility Program and How to Build One

August 2022  |  Eric Loff

2022 continues to be a challenging year for global retailers. Inflation, a potential recession, labor shortages, supply chain disruptions and major geopolitical tensions have created significant supply and demand uncertainty. These challenges call into question the viability of “business as usual,” with retail executives needing to reevaluate the location of operations and the availability of talent.

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Reduce Compliance Risks as Your Workforce Becomes Permanently Remote

May 2022  |  Brett Sipes

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed employees into unanticipated work-from-home arrangements. Now, as companies adopt more permanent remote-work routines, compliance risk is skyrocketing, and corporate leaders need to start planning to avoid unwanted consequences.

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Taking Stock

January 2022  |  Chris Hall

Stock options and other equity-based compensation are designed to attract and retain top employees, but with the rise of remote work, tracking tax withholdings on these perks has become more challenging than ever.

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How HR Teams Can Prepare for the Remote Work Boom

November 2021  |  Mark Tirpak

The way employees work continues to morph as a result of COVID-19, and it appears the remote workforce is here to stay. However, most HR departments haven’t adjusted to this uptick in remote work. With more and more employees working across state and international borders, this workforce trend is poised to set off a multitude of problems, including potential tax violations. As long-term remote work sparks a growing number of consequences, HR professionals need to reassess their remote work policies now to avoid long-term headaches in the future.

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Hidden tax dangers and benefits of a remote workforce

October 2021  |  Jen Stein

It’s time for tax and mobility professionals to brace for change. The pandemic has accelerated remote workforce trends, and working from anywhere is becoming a baked-in feature at companies. For accounting offices and mobility leaders, the realities of managing a remote workforce, both positive and negative, are setting in.

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Allinial Global continues its winning growth strategy with Global Tax Network

June 2021  |  David Kolb

Zoya Malik spoke to GTN’s president David Kolb about the synergies gained in becoming a member of Allinial Global and the impact of the pandemic on tax legislation and providing advisory services to the global mobility market.

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The Future of Work: Why the C-Suite Needs to Align with HR on Employee Mobility Issues

June 2021  |  Brett Sipes

A landslide of remote work requests is crashing into businesses, and it’s revealing alarming holes in the way corporations are managing employee mobility. Chances are, remote work is already bogging down your HR department, and if you don’t act soon, your company and employees could be exposed to global tax compliance and employee incentive problems.

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The Tax Implications of the American Rescue Plan for Mobility

April 2021  |  Jen Stein

With tax season underway, here’s what you need to know about how the American Rescue Plan affects mobility.

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