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Our Philosophy

Philanthropy, community involvement, and social awareness are important parts of the GTN culture and are interwoven into everything we do. We are committed to making a difference by donating our time, talents, and resources to help create positive change in the world.

If you are also passionate about giving back and supporting communities, we ask for your support. Rally around our efforts, provide support where and when you can, and help us spread the word about our initiatives.

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Donating to Bridging

Our Social Cause Around Education

Education impacts everyone in some capacity. It increases income potential, reduces poverty, boosts economic growth, and gives children hope as they learn and plan for their future.

Our social focus on education has taken many forms, one of which is our new client program. For this program, we donate one year of school for a girl through International Rescue Committee for every new corporate client. Each donation helps pay for the books and supplies necessary for a girl to attend school for an entire year.

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Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

In so many ways, 2020 was an unprecedented year—one that impacted worldwide health, the global economy, and the racial injustice crisis. To better respond to the latter situation, we formed a Diversity & Inclusion Team, one dedicated to providing meaningful resources, educational content, and open dialogue to our employees.

In 2020, David Kolb, President of GTN, signed the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion™ pledge to show our commitment to this incredibly important issue. Additionally, our employees had the opportunity to sign an “I ACT ON” pledge as an individual to help drive inclusive behavior in their everyday lives. GTN’s commitment to diversity and inclusion extends across all facets of our business, including suppliers, and is a focus that will continue to evolve.

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Fundraising Efforts

Each year we partner with nonprofits to help raise awareness and monetary support for communities and people in need. Whether it is through our annual Beards and Braids for Busy Season campaign, our support of seasonal programs such as Toys for Tots, or various events hosted at our company annual conference, we are committed to making a difference.

Annual Conference 2014 - Charity

Volunteering Time and Resources

Our employees also believe in doing good and giving back, and they fully embrace it by volunteering their time to communities and organizations they are passionate about. We encourage and support them in their efforts through our GTN Gives Back program, which offers annual paid time off to volunteer during regular work hours.

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Math on a Stick

Sustainability and our Green Initiatives 

In addition to the classroom, education is about sharing knowledge and advancing an initiative for the greater good. This is where our focus on sustainability comes into play. At GTN, our sustainability policy follows the three main environmental R’s—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—by incorporating these practices into our company culture.

Educational resources
Our company-wide “Green Initiative,” was designed to further reduce excess waste in our offices and educate our employees on ways they can observe and embrace the three R’s in their personal lives. As COVID-19 forced employees to work remotely, our Green Initiative has continued to offer ways for employees, and their friends and families, to be more sustainable in their home setting.
Paperless environment
Document printing is kept to a minimum, tax returns are filed electronically when possible, and documents are transferred via our secure My GTN Portal, alleviating the need for clients to print out and send hard copies to us.
Reducing waste
In our office kitchens, we have replaced paper plates and plastic utensils with plates and silverware. Additionally, the use of recycling bins is commonplace, and we are working to secure ways to dispose of compostable waste.
Minimizing our carbon footprint
When business returns to a more normal state and people return to the office, we will continue to utilize and encourage video conferencing versus driving in or flying to in-person client and internal meetings. Additionally, efforts are underway to calculate the carbon footprint associated with employee travel and make associated annual carbon offset contributions.
Office space structure
When we return to working in offices again, we will continue to maintain a 4:3 staff to desk ratio by supporting and encouraging work-from-home as well as a “hoteling” strategy.

Our culture of giving back

At GTN, our goal is simple. Build a culture of giving back and make a difference. We believe it is the right thing to do.

If you’d like to learn more, get involved, or if you have other ideas and suggestions for what more we can do, contact us today!

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