The GTN Global Story

We’ve all heard the story about that entrepreneur who started a highly successful business out of a garage, right? Believe it or not, our GTN story has a similar beginning, except that we found ourselves working out of a basement in Minneapolis, a living room in Toronto, and from the front seat of a car in London. All strangers at the time, all with years of Big 4 experience, and all with a keen interest in improving the way mobility tax services were handled.

Through the power of the Internet and the niche nature of international tax at the time, we three strangers from three different countries joined forces. The motive was simple: to shift the focus back to the client. So based on a set of core values and a dedication to building an exceptionally strong company culture, our global team was formed and we opened our doors in 2000.

Since that time, our focus has been on building relationships with like-minded global mobility firms around the world. Each of these relationships has eventually led us to a new contact and connection, which has extended our global reach and access to up-to-date information on local tax laws in foreign countries. What started out as the vision of a small group of former Big 4 employees on a mission to improve the quality of client service in the world of mobility tax now stands at an affiliation of firms in over 100 countries.

Simply put, we are local mobility tax experts with a global spin.

While our specialty is mobility tax consulting and compliance, our story is a little different than the average tax accountant because our business thrives on the adventures of our clients. We work with globetrotters, world travelers, and international businessmen and women. Our mission is to support their journey by handling the intricacies of the complex tax situation that may arise during their adventures. Because mobility tax consulting and compliance is our focus, we are able to offer our clients more, just as our founders intended. You could say that we are able to take on what might seem like the weight of the mobility tax world for our clients and make it a little less intimidating.

At GTN, we view every client situation as unique and approach each one with the same level of respect and commitment. With the determination to do things differently, we have built our success on the reverse business model of bigger firms. No matter the size of the client, each one has access to our most experienced team members. We do this so questions can be answered more quickly and work done more efficiently.

This business model not only works for our clients, but for our internal team as well. Because our clients have access to our tax experts at the most senior level, our entire team receives hands-on learning from some of the best in the business. And when we say best in the business, we mean it. Our dedication to a set of core values that revolves around our people, both client and employee, is why we continue to attract amazing talent. This talent comes to us from some of the best schools and biggest firms from around the world.

While it is true that we do things differently than the bigger firms, this difference is the very reason why we continue to attract the talent required to build a strong firm of business leaders. Leaders interested in success, but also in staying true to themselves, their clients, and a work environment that is positive and balanced.

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