New global mobility concerns, obligations, and issues came to light in the crucible of the pandemic. In this environment, it can be easy for companies to quickly become non compliant. Mobility tax services firm GTN is dedicated to tackling this issue.

A highly specialized global mobility tax services firm founded in 2000, Global Tax Network (GTN) provides vital assistance to clients wishing to build or manage a global mobility program. Both domestically within the US and internationally, they offer mobility tax services, solutions, and technology to businesses with mobility populations of all sizes. They work with not only the program manager within a company, but with the mobile employees themselves to support every step of the process when navigating the tax complexities and risks of global mobility. This includes tax support for expatriates, foreign nationals, business travelers, permanent transfers, and remote or ‘work anywhere’ employees.

As with most companies in 2020, COVID-19 posed a challenge for those in the mobility space, largely due to the travel and stay-at-home restrictions many countries implemented. Though business travel was greatly reduced in 2020, it also brought to light new issues that GTN’s clients were facing; the issue of allowing their employees to work from anywhere remotely. As GTN’s sole focus is on providing global mobility tax services, they found themselves in the unique position to assist their clients in navigating the tax issues that arose when employees began working across state and country borders where they were not working before. COVID-19 caused them to pivot quickly to the changing mobility needs of their clients and is something that they see continuing into 2021 and beyond. Being able to pivot quickly and adapt to changing client
needs is paramount to their success and points to the strengths and talents of their employees who make it happen.

With their focus and number one goal of ‘Exceptional Experience. Everyone. Everyday. Everywhere.™’ they aim to serve segments of the marketplace that often gets underserved—businesses who often feel like “a small fish in a big pond” when working with larger mobility tax providers or companies who are looking for a more high-touch approach to their mobility needs. Such businesses often find that working with GTN’s competitors often results in unresponsive vendor contacts, high turnover with relationship managers, unexpected high bills, and ill-timed or un-actionable advice. GTN’s customer service model, experienced tax professionals, and technical structure makes them the perfect solution for customers who find themselves in this situation. They pride themselves on having a simplified process which guides them through the tax challenges they are facing by taking the time to explain the issues in plain language and provide them with a detailed approach to how they should act on them.

Furthermore, they provide their customers with cost-saving initiatives, guidance from leading minds in the mobility industry,
and best practice solutions by utilizing a collaboration model. They collaborate with not only the internal company stakeholders, but with their clients’ external strategic vendors, such as relocation management companies, payroll providers, and immigration firms. This collaboration model paired with providing all of their clients access to senior-level employees as the primary point of contact ensures proactive advice and support from top-level mobility experts who typically have over 15 years of global mobility tax experience. Their solutions strive to deliver practical, actionable advice for their clients’ global mobility tax needs as well as support for payroll issues, equity reporting, mobility program management, and business traveler compliance.

Jen Frentz, Marketing Manager
+1 (763) 252-0646

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