Mobility Tax Services for Individuals

Whether it’s your first international business assignment or your one-hundred-and-first, every journey is unique. You need a partner who will listen, learn, and offer proactive, personalized solutions. With GTN as your guide, you can rest assured that every detail is handled—so you can enjoy the adventure.

Just coming off assignment back to the USJust coming off assignment back to the US?

Having lived and worked in another country, you are likely facing a number of challenges now that you are back in the US. We're here to help. Let us handle the mobility tax intricacies of your repatriation so you don't have to.

Transferring overseasTransferring overseas?

Moving in general can be a daunting task, but moving to another country can be overwhelming. Let us walk you through the steps of mobility tax so you can focus on making the most of your new life.

Is your employer no longer providing mobility tax supportIs your employer no longer providing mobility tax support?

Most employers provide tax services for their mobile employees for a limited time period. Let us handle your Home and Host mobility tax intricacies after your employer support ends.

Our mobility tax services for individuals include:

  • Home and Host country tax counseling
  • Tax return preparation for mobile employees including expatriates and foreign nationals
  • Preparation of annual tax equalization, tax protection, and/or tax reconciliation calculations
  • Personalized communications throughout the assignment
  • Worldwide tax notice response management, and representation before the applicable taxing authority when needed

Mobility Tax Services for Companies

Let us help you find a solution that fits your needs.

Schedule your free, 30-minute consultation with an expert from our team. Let us know what you’re looking for. We would love to hear about your goals, understand your challenges, and discuss a solution that fits your needs.


Taxation of US Expatriates - Taxation Booklet

US citizens and residents face a number of challenges when they live and work in another country. One of the most significant challenges is understanding the application of US and foreign tax laws. This booklet is designed to help US citizens and residents gain a general understanding of the unique tax provisions that apply to them associated with living and working abroad.


US Taxation of Foreign Nationals - Taxation Booklet

While living in the United States offers exciting opportunities, the tax details can sometimes be overwhelming. This is especially true for foreign nationals (citizens or nationals of a country other than the US) who relocate to the US or earn income from US sources. This book addresses US tax implications of living and working in the US and earning US source income, and provides a basic understanding of the US tax system and its application to foreign nationals.


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