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Brett Sipes

Brett Sipes, CPA

Managing Director

"I love learning new things and every day is different in dealing with mobility tax issues. Clients always have new questions and I enjoy the challenge and creativity of coming up with an answer that works for their situation."

Brett's clients suspect he reads tax codes for enjoyment. They may not be far from the truth because he prides himself on understanding the technicalities of complex international tax issues.

With more than 25 years of experience in international tax services, Brett joined GTN in 2006 and serves as Managing Director. He is responsible for providing tax compliance and consulting to international assignees and their employers. Prior to GTN, Brett worked in the global mobility area with Ernst & Young, and in international executive services at KPMG.

Clients appreciate Brett for:

  • His detail-oriented approach to digging for the right answer;
  • An ability to see the big picture;
  • Helping HR directors minimize the costs of an international assignment;
  • Straightforward answers to complicated tax issues.

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern College and is a CPA.