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Travel and Workday Calendar

Your GTN Travel and Workday Calendar can be accessed via your My GTN Portal

My GTN Portal

The GTN Travel and Workday Calendar provides your employees with a convenient and easy to use tool to track and record actual and projected travel and workdays. This calendar tool also allows approved administrators and partners access and visibility to critical information that can help avoid unwanted events and conflicts.

With the GTN Travel and Workday Calendar you and your employees will have the ability to perform the following:

  • Track dates and locations for each departure and arrival in a new location.
  • Track work or non-work days before, during, and after the assignment period.
  • Report a summary of each employee’s travel and workday information, which tracks the number of days worked or ‘days of presence’ in each jurisdiction.
  • Add projected travel and workday records, as well as post those records as final.
  • Access and view employee’s travel and workday information for auditing, compliance, and planning purposes.

In addition to tracking your employees who are on long-term assignments, our web based calendar tool can also be used to track short-term international business travelers, along with domestic business travelers.

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