Receive the tools you need to be compliant

Most businesses struggle with understanding and complying with global tax laws related to their business travelers. The GTN Business Traveler Solution provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the compliance risks and requirements in your business traveler program. We will uncover gaps in payroll, tax, and social security, so we can manage both risks and opportunities.


Business Traveler Solution - Understand the Tax Risks

Key Features

Workforce planning
Providing relevant data insights for employees working away from their Home location, so you stay informed and have a clear, actionable plan.
Assess business and employee risk
Delivering the insights you need related to your business travelers so you can make informed decisions when addressing the big issues.
Identify compliance gaps
Identifying and managing the gaps in payroll, tax, and social security to keep your company and employees compliant with global tax authorities.
Ongoing support and management
We will design, implement, and manage the process with you, interacting with the tax authorities to ensure “business as usual” for your team.

Let us be your guide to business traveler compliance

We analyze your relevant traveler information, design a policy tailored to your business, and draft organizational communications to get leadership and employee buy-in. Next, we help you select and integrate a technology platform to actively track and manage the opportunities and risks related to your travelers. Finally, you receive ongoing support and management of your program, including our interaction with global tax authorities, keeping your business and employees compliant.


Business Traveler Solution - Let Us Be Your Guide

Here's how it works

Gather Information
Up to 18 months of data can be compiled via our template, from travel details, expense data, and per diem payments.
Analyze and Report
We process and analyze the data and provide you with an overview of your business traveler population, gaps in payroll, tax, and social security, and areas of business and employee risk.
Action Plan
Your plan will include how to build the business case for senior leadership, policy design and technology recommendations, and an ongoing process to monitor your business travelers, managing risk and compliance.

After implementation, we will regularly review and actively manage the risks, compliance, and cost surrounding your business traveler program. This includes all interaction with global tax authorities to keep you and your business travelers compliant.


Talk to a business traveler expert today

Chat with one of our business traveler experts for ideas on what will make your life easier. We want to understand your goals and challenges so we can tailor a solution that fits your needs. After our call, you will receive a customized action plan based on your goals and objectives. 


Business Traveler Solution - Talk to Business Traveler Expert