New Mobile Workforce Management Applications Ensure Tax Compliance with Exceptional Service and Increased Customization

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., November 12, 2020—Global Tax Network (GTN)—an award-winning tax services firm focused exclusively on mobility tax consulting and compliance—today announced two new technologies: WhereaboutsTM, a mobile workforce location technology that enhances its Mobile Workforce Management solution, and AllocateTM, an employee equity technology that enhances its global Equity Solution. These tools provide end-to-end solutions for client mobility programs that help ensure tax compliance with exceptional service and increased customization, all at very competitive price points.

The pandemic and the resulting rise of remote working has made mobile workforce location services more important than ever and a high priority for organizations with employees working outside of company offices. It has complicated the situation on two fronts: First, companies struggle to understand where their employees are working from and if they are creating taxable events due to the length of their stay in another location; and second, companies struggle to determine where they should report equity income for their employees. GTN now provides two new technologies that provide the necessary intelligence to address both issues. WhereaboutsTM solves the first problem by notifying clients about taxable events. AllocateTM solves the second issue by notifying clients about when and where equity income should be reported. Both solutions help companies ensure they are compliant with applicable tax laws.

“Adding WhereaboutsTM and AllocateTM to our service offerings reinforces our disruptor status in the marketplace in both service level and pricing,” said GTN President Dave Kolb. “These new services prove our commitment to continued expansion into new territories and investing in technology solutions and enhancements for our clients. We replace large accounting firms by providing higher levels of service, lower pricing, and a fully end-to-end solution that includes integrated supplier solutions. Armed with superior services, we are opening new markets with business travelers and remote working populations.”

While other technologies focus on data, GTN’s differentiator is the service that goes a step further once the data is captured, such as by guiding clients through the nuances of tax complexities. GTN has earned a reputation of having highly experienced professionals with policy and process, technology, and income/social tax expertise. They capture the data, report on the information, and then take the necessary action to keep both the company and the employee compliant with applicable tax codes, while guiding the client through the process.

“Using WhereaboutsTM, clients have visibility into their entire mobile workforce—business travelers, remote workers, and commuters—from anywhere, and can then analyze the data to provide detailed management information,” said David Livitt, GTN’s National Practice Leader of Business Traveler Services. “WhereaboutsTM manages risk and compliance for income and social tax, both domestically and internationally, and can be integrated with other vendors such as a company’s immigration provider and relocation management company, providing a holistic mobility service.”

WhereaboutsTM offers:

  • Integration into travel and expense systems, as well as instructions for payroll departments
  • Employee profiles that allow risk assessment (income, social, and corporate tax, as well as immigration and payroll) for working in another location
  • Data analyzed on an individual and company level, enabling reports for entities, countries, functions, staff levels, and so on, to be reviewed for management information purposes
  • Company contacts’ ability to view travel on a real-time basis

“AllocateTM addresses the market’s need to simplify processes and reduces the amount of time and effort required by internal teams,” said Chris Hall, Managing Director of GTN’s Atlantic region. “Our technology fulfills international equity reporting needs, as well as complex domestic/state-to-state reporting, reducing payroll errors and penalties.”

AllocateTM offers:

  • Built-in advanced tax logic that populates compensation reporting and tax withholding requirements based on equity awards’ grant and vest periods, reducing payroll errors and penalties
  • Reviews of current stock remuneration plans, locations, and population demographics to identify areas of concern and assess non-compliance exposure
  • Easily tailored and customizable reports specific to each client by assessing and matching individual needs

While other providers offer tools that may, at first glance, seem similar, WhereaboutsTM and AllocateTM allow GTN to build the processes and policies around the data they collect, while providing essential guidance, technical expertise, and compliance services to keep businesses and their mobile employees compliant.

For additional information about WhereaboutsTM and AllocateTM, or to schedule a demo, visit the Mobile Workforce Management solution webpage and the global Equity Solution webpage.


Global Tax Network (GTN) is a tax services firm focused exclusively on mobility tax consulting and compliance. Founded in 2000, GTN helps corporate mobility program managers and mobile employees navigate cross-border tax complexities and manage risks. Their scope includes providing support for expatriates, foreign nationals, business travelers (both international and domestic), and permanent transfers. GTN is the recipient of several industry awards for excellence, including the When Work Works award for Innovative and Effective Workplace Practices, as well as the Inside Public Accounting “Best of the Best Firms” award. GTN is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn., with employees in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, D.C., Wisconsin, and Ottawa, Ont. For more information, please visit us at

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