Understand how to manage and deliver equity incentives for a mobile workforce

Businesses often struggle with delivering incentives of equity remuneration, while also managing the employer responsibilities for their cross-border population. The GTN Equity Solution provides a seamless environment for managing the complexities related to equity incentives. Through our solution, you will be able to identify risk and assess compliance gaps, address employer obligations for reporting and withholding of income and social security tax, and maintain equity remuneration as a valuable incentive for your cross-border employees.


Man and woman equity tool

Key Features

Assist with compensation reporting obligations
Establish processes for your reporting and withholding obligations for your mobile employees.
Assess payroll risk
Provide insights into the compliance risks related to the reporting and withholding obligations for your mobile employees.
Identify compliance gaps
Identify and manage the gaps in payroll, tax, and social security to keep your company and employees compliant with global tax authorities. Provide transaction data to fulfill requirements with your equity vendor upon each lapse.
Provide ongoing support and management
We implement and manage the process with you, interacting with all equity and tax stakeholders. Employees can access their equity inventory and the details of future transactions requiring mobile reporting.

Let us be your guide to equity compliance

Upon receiving and analyzing your relevant equity information, we will design a policy best suited for your business, employees, and equity vendor.


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Here’s how it works

Identify and assess needs
We assess your current equity remuneration plans, locations, and population demographics to identify areas of concern and non-compliance.
Implement and coordinate
Together, we will work to implement your new program that meets employee, employer, and equity vendor needs and addresses global compliance.
Continuous review and improvement
Throughout the process, we continually monitor for changes in global tax reporting and withholding rules.


Talk to an equity expert today

Schedule a call with one of our equity experts for ideas on what we can do to make your life easier. We want to understand your goals and challenges so we can tailor a solution that fits your needs. After our call, you will receive a customized action plan based on your goals and objectives. 


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