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GTN’s Top Five On-Demand Webinars to Scale Your Mobility Tax Program


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As the world of cross-border business returns and business travel begins again, you are likely thinking about your mobility program and its ability to scale with your organization’s global goals. And as your mobile workforce grows—whether it consists of remote workers, business travelers, or traditional assignments and transfers—you must consider the complications and major mobility tax issues that will surface as business travel increases.

Our team of mobility tax professionals, along with some of our friends in the mobility space, got together to deliver a number of webinars in 2021. Each one was developed to provide you and your company with guidance on practical steps you can take, deliver strategies you should consider, and ultimately help you prepare for potential business needs and challenges with your current and future mobile workforce.

Below is a roundup of the top five on-demand mobility webinars we hosted in the first half of 2021.

The Intersection of HR, Payroll, and Equity Teams: Taking your Mobility Program to the Next Level

On May 25, we brought together our top equity tax experts to discuss approaches to bring your equity, HR, and payroll teams together despite challenges faced when delivering long-term incentive compensation to your mobile workforce. During this one-hour discussion, we asked several polling questions of the audience. One of these questions asked how often individuals meet with the other teams to discuss the details of their mobile workforce. Of our audience, 5 percent said they meet frequently (at least weekly) with 25 percent responding that they meet somewhat frequently (multiple times per month). The majority of our audience (70 percent) responded infrequently or never. To our panel, these results were surprising given the complicated details that accompany a mobile workforce and the vast amount of knowledge each separate team can bring to the table.

Listen to this on-demand webinar to gain insight into how to align and automate collaboration between the equity, HR/global mobility, and payroll teams within your organization, learn the top five strategies to manage your long-term incentive compliance obligations while meeting the needs of your business and employees, and identify ways to scale your company’s equity program to accommodate your US domestic and globally mobile and remote workforce. Listen here.

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Commuters and Business Travelers: Compliance Issues Panel Discussion

International commuters—employees who work in a foreign country but return home with some frequency—have become increasingly prevalent in global business, but their regular cross-border travel, if not watched closely by HR, could expose their companies to unrealized liabilities. And the same liability risks can apply to global business travelers.

On April 28, we brought together a team of industry experts to highlight the risks, strategies, and approaches employers should take for this specific group of their workforce. Our panel included experts from Littler Mendelson, P.C. who spoke about employment law, Alliant Insurance Services, who touched on the insurance items to keep in mind, GTN, who identified mobility tax issues, and the Talent Mobility Head at ADP to provide insights from the perspective of a corporate practitioner. Listen here.

How to Respond to the New Short-Term Remote Worker

The COVID-19 pandemic brought new meaning to the term “work from home” and employers are now seeing a growing number of employees who work from anywhere, causing significant compliance issues. Listen to our webinar from March 24 which outlined strategies and approaches employers should take to accommodate their short-term remote workers while ensuring corporate compliance from employment law, insurance, global mobility tax, social security, and payroll perspectives.

In this one-hour panel discussion, we discussed the risks, strategies, and approaches employers should take for short-term remote workers and answered questions on employment law, insurance, and mobility tax.

  • Employment Law – presented by Trent Sutton, Global Workforce Attorney at Littler Mendelson, P.C.
    • Does this arrangement trigger new entitlements or obligations?
    • Why you should say “no”
  • Insurance – presented by Richard Polak, Senior Global Advisor at Alliant Insurance Services
    • Are your employees still covered?
    • What do you do if they’re not?
  • Mobility Tax – presented by David Livitt, Global Practice Leader, Business Traveller and Remote Worker Solutions at GTN
    • How does this impact payroll compliance?
    • What risks does this strategy create for corporate compliance?

Kay Kolakowski, CRP, SGMS, Global Mobility Manager at AVEVA, was a special guest who joined the panel and provided her insights from the perspective of a corporate practitioner. Listen here.

How to Respond to the New Long-Term Remote Worker

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work, especially within the global mobility industry. As vaccines finally make their way around the globe, organizations are realizing the traditional idea of having employees in the office every day may not be the way of the future. Programs and policies need to adapt to a new way of managing a remote workforce.

On February 17, GTN, along with Littler Mendelson, P.C. and Alliant Insurance Services, hosted a webinar on remote work and how companies can respond to this new way of working. Experts in mobility tax, employee benefits, and labor law, with a guest panelist and corporate practitioner from VMware, provided their perspectives on the risks, strategies, and approaches employers should take for their long-term remote workers. Several scenarios were outlined during the discussion and each panelist shared their thoughts on how companies could handle each situation. Listen here.

Global Equity Considerations for a Mobile Workforce

Employees who receive equity-based compensation, and who relocate during the life of the award, create tax withholding and reporting obligations. Listen to this one-hour webinar where our equity tax experts discussed considerations to keep in mind if your employees receive equity-based compensation.

If you are in the equity, human resources, mobility, or payroll departments of your company, this webinar may be of interest to you. Topics covered:

  • Unique rules in various tax jurisdictions
  • Incentive compensation reporting obligations
  • Tax and social security withholding requirements that could come into play
  • Strategies to manage equity for a global workforce

Listen here.

Additional educational mobility tax content

We all know complications can arise when you have a mobile workforce—whether your mobile workforce consists of remote workers, business travelers, or traditional assignments and transfers. And those complications can cause major tax headaches for your organization.

To combat the complications of mobility tax, we’ve built a resource center to address common mobility questions, identify industry best practices, and keep you on top of global tax law changes.

By bookmarking the GTN resource center, you’ll be able to keep up with our new mobility tax resources and narrow down what really matters to you in the mobility space. Just some of what you will find in this resource center includes:

Bookmark the GTN Resource Center here.

Additionally, our team regularly updates our blog with informative articles on trends in the mobility tax landscape and tips for ensuring your company is compliant. Subscribe to our blog, to stay updated on mobility tax issues. You can also contact our team if you’re looking for a more in-depth consultation on how your company can craft a tax-efficient global mobility policy.

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