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Author Eric Loff

With more than 25 years of global tax experience, Eric serves as the President of GTN. He is known for leading by example and finding the strengths in others, improving communication so all participants are engaged in a project, and serving as a bridge between a company and its expat employees. As a specialist on managing international assignment programs and the related tax, human resource, and payroll matters, he serves as a frequent speaker on global mobility topics. +1.763.252.0642 | 
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Navigating Tax Busy Season: A Comprehensive Guide for Mobility Managers

Tax season can be a challenging time for mobility managers who are responsible for ensuring their globally mobile employees navigate the tax filing processes seamlessly. With complex international tax laws and filings, it's crucial that both employers and employees stay informed and be proactive when it comes to global mobility tax compliance.

Top Five Considerations for Year-End US Payroll

As we approach the end of another year, businesses are navigating the intricate landscape of year-end payroll, with a particular emphasis on the unique challenges posed by the evolving nature of remote and mobile work. Over the past few years, we have witnessed a significant change in thinking about work dynamics, with remote and mobile employment becoming more prevalent than ever. Consequently, mobility and payroll professionals are faced with a set of challenges that demand a nuanced approach to ensure accuracy, compliance, and employee satisfaction.

Our Top 10 Resources from 2023 to Help You Navigate Your Mobility Tax Challenges

For the global mobility industry, 2023 has witnessed both significant challenges and exciting opportunities. Although continuing to ease, inflationary pressures and higher interest rates have had an impact on employees’ willingness to relocate. Ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East have created humanitarian and security crises that will have long-lasting impacts on global economies and welfare. At the same time, advancements in automation and artificial intelligence offer the possibility of transformative change, including opportunities in the creation of administrative efficiencies and in the reduction of cost and risks.

GTN’s 2022 Top 10 Resources to Help You Navigate Your Mobility Tax Challenges

As pandemic-era restrictions have lifted, there is little doubt that 2022 has been an exciting, return-to-almost-normal year for the world of global mobility. Companies are embracing this new normal, and employees are increasingly on the move as mobile work picks up momentum and businesses resume corporate travel. In fact, according to our Future of Mobility Survey conducted earlier this year, over 95% of companies have some sort of mobile workforce—be it remote workers, hybrid workers, commuters, or business travelers. And with this uptick in mobile workforces comes an increase in tax and compliance risks that companies must consider.

To keep your mobility program running smoothly, our team of experts have created an abundance of mobility tax resources for your use. Here are the top 10 most popular resources from 2022 to date. Whether you have an established mobility program, are considering new international growth, or have seen an uptick in your remote workforce, there’s a resource in this list for you.

Top 10 Resources to Help You Navigate the Future of Work

The definition of the “future of work,” specifically within the global mobility space, continues to evolve. And with shifting remote work trends and new developments for how and where employees work, corporations need to understand how to navigate this new landscape to ensure tax compliance and avoid unnecessary risk. For some businesses, the future of work will allow a number of employees to work from (almost) anywhere they choose. For others it may be a hybrid approach, where some employees will work in an office and others will work remotely. But no matter how you define the future of your company workforce, there will exist the need to prepare for and manage the ongoing tax risks associated with these employees.

10 Reasons to Create a Global Mobility Program for Your Company

Global mobility programs are a win-win solution for both your company and your mobile employees.

The COVID-19 pandemic and related economic challenges have resulted in fundamental changes for many industries. We have seen labor market shifts, immigration restrictions, and budgetary challenges for national and local jurisdictions across the globe. At the same time, thanks to today’s ever-evolving technology, time zones and borders are not as relevant, and we can now work simultaneously with our colleagues across all corners of the globe—especially in this new world of remote or “work anywhere” workforces. However, these technology advances will also make it more possible for tax and immigration authorities to monitor and enforce regulatory compliance on both employers and their mobile employees.