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Do You Need a Mobility Tax Program for Permanent Transferees?

In the ever-evolving landscape of global mobility, the traditional landscape of long-term assignments has given way to a rising prevalence of permanent transferees. However, many companies have not established a formal mobility tax program for permanent transferees. Instead, a typical approach is to simply provide a cash stipend to the permanent transferee with the suggestion to use the funds to find a local tax provider to help them with their tax matters in their new country.

Year-End Payroll Reporting for Permanent Transfers

As the year is drawing to a close, global mobility and payroll teams are focused on US W-2 reporting, specifically to make sure global compensation and expense reimbursements, such as tax reimbursements, housing, and tax preparation services, have been reported appropriately for their mobile employees on long-term assignments. While this focus is crucial, it often overshadows a critical aspect of payroll reporting compliance. In the rush to ensure the tax efficiency of international assignments, there's a tendency to overlook the nuances of reporting for permanent transfers.