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    What Is Tax Equalization and How Does It Impact Your Mobile Employees and Your Company?

    Tax equalization is a policy widely used by companies with mobile employees. At its core, tax equalization is a mechanism to ensure that an employee is neither better nor worse off financially, from a tax perspective, for having accepted an international assignment. However, there are many misconceptions about what exactly it means to be “tax equalized.” As one example, some companies will try to avoid the policy because they think it will automatically lead to high company costs and administration.

    Domestic Tax Issues to Consider for Work Anywhere Employees

    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a global impact. While we settle into the new “normal” of working anywhere, new questions related to domestic taxation have been uncovered.

    Practical Solutions for Work Anywhere Mobility Tax Issues

    The following is a transcription of a webcast, “The Next Step: Practical Solutions for Work Anywhere Mobility Tax Issues,” recorded in June 2020. This webcast showcased some of GTN’s industry experts: Chris Hall, Managing Director for GTN’s Atlantic region; David Livitt, National Practice Leader for GTN’s Business Traveler Services; and Brett Sipes, Managing Director for GTN’s Pacific region. This panel discussed practical solutions to mobility tax issues that may occur when implementing a remote worker or work anywhere policy.

    Mobility Leadership Forum: Leading an Organization During COVID-19 and the Future State of Global Mobility

    The following is a transcription of the webinar, “Mobility Leadership Forum: Leading an Organization During COVID-19 and the Future State of Global Mobility” which was held on June 18, 2020. This webinar showcased a panel of various industry leaders discussing their experiences leading organizations during the pandemic.

    In Case You Missed it – a 2020 Roundup of Mobility Tax Articles

    While projects have likely been put on hold and your day-to-day tasks have certainly shifted, it’s hard to know if you are still working on what matters most for your company and your mobile workforce—not to mention trying to stay on top of the ever-evolving global mobility landscape. Our team of mobility tax professionals is always looking for ways to keep organizations updated on industry trends and regulations related to their mobile populations. In addition to our weekly blog, we’ve provided a wealth of resources at your fingertips regarding mobility tax, global equity, and business travel—including on-demand webinars, online newsletters, and downloadable guides.

    A Checklist of Mobility Tax Considerations for your Work Anywhere Policy

    In case you missed it! We prepared a checklist that will walk you and your company through key mobility tax questions and considerations you should give thought to when implementing a work anywhere policy.