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Author Alina Hagness

Alina, Senior Manager at GTN since 2023, brings over a decade of expertise in expatriate tax services. Her role involves guiding clients through assignment administration, ensuring international payroll compliance, facilitating remote work structures, and navigating the complexities of information reporting concerning individuals' foreign financial assets. Known for her prompt responsiveness and meticulous attention to detail, Alina simplifies expatriate tax advice, making it easily comprehensible. And she's recognized as a go-to resource for intricate tax reporting obligations associated with non-US investments. | +1.763.270.7543
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Reporting Obligations of US Taxpayers with Foreign Financial Investments

Navigating the complexities of global mobility demands meticulous attention to various factors. One critical, yet often overlooked factor, is the evolving landscape of reporting obligations for US taxpayers with international financial investments. The success of employee transitions across borders requires not only seamless relocation but also adhering to intricate compliance requirements in an ever-changing regulatory environment.