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Recent Articles Written by Some of GTN’s Amazing Women



International Women’s Day is recognized each year on March 8. This day celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the globe. In honor of this day, we wanted to share recent articles written by some of GTN’s amazing women.

GTN’s Social Mission around Education

In “Education: GTN’s Social Cause and Focus,” Barb Kolb, GTN’s Director, Strategic and Sustainability Initiatives, highlights our social mission around education. Education got all of us to where we are today and by providing education and related resources, we have the potential to raise up an entire community and provide individuals with the skills required to face real-life challenges.

“Education is key to continued learning throughout our lives and can take many forms, such as external classes, podcasts, reading, or seminars—tools intended to provide us with new ways to incorporate learning into our lives. We all know that we need the right tools in order to continue our education throughout our life. Books, technology, supplies, and nutrition are just some of the items necessary to optimize learning.” Read more.

Managing a Mobile Workforce That Participates in Equity-Based Compensation Plans

Lynn Carbo, Director in GTN’s Atlantic region, outlines tips for managing a mobile workforce that participates in equity-based compensation plans, including understanding the multi-layered impact equity income has on your mobility program and creating a customized plan for managing the compliance burdens of a global workforce.

“When participants of your company’s equity-based compensation plans work in multiple locations, additional withholding and reporting challenges may arise. To avoid the potential taxation pitfalls equity awards can cause, you’ll need to develop a customized solution.” Read more.

Three Common Mobility Tax Scenarios you should Address to Establish a Mobility Tax Program

If you are looking to establish a new mobility tax program, “Infographic: Establishing a Mobility Tax Program”, by Mandy Zeman, Manager in GTN’s Pacific region, outlines three common mobility tax scenarios you should address.  

“It’s important for global companies of all sizes to be aware of tax obligations whenever an employee crosses a border. Remembering to check into possible tax exposure is critical to ensuring your employees are informed and to allow your company to mitigate potential risks. There are three common mobile employment scenarios that your company should understand and be prepared to handle.” Read more.

What to Know Before you Send an Employee Abroad

Kristie Moon, Manager in GTN’s West Central region, discusses five key facts companies should consider before they send an employee abroad For example, assignments abroad may increase your employees’ tax burden, and employees may need help understanding their new tax situation.

“Companies that plan to send employees outside of their Home country should first know about the possible tax complexities that may result from the use of an international workforce.” Read more.

Do you Need a Mobility Tax Specialist?

It is not uncommon for businesses expanding their operations across international borders to discover that moving employees abroad has created tax issues. In “Tips for Hiring an International Tax Services Provider”, Elsa Galvan, Manager in GTN’s Pacific region, asks questions to help determine if you should hire an external mobility tax services provider.

“The easiest way to avoid compliance issues is to get out in front of the problem and hire a mobility tax services provider or an in-house mobility tax specialist before sending employees abroad to ensure the employer and its employees are meeting their filing and withholding obligations in both countries.“ Read more.

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Author: Eric Loff

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