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In Case You Missed it – a 2020 Roundup of Mobility Tax Articles



While projects have likely been put on hold and your day-to-day tasks have certainly shifted, it’s hard to know if you are still working on what matters most for your company and your mobile workforce—not to mention trying to stay on top of the ever-evolving global mobility landscape. Our team of mobility tax professionals is always looking for ways to keep organizations updated on industry trends and regulations related to their mobile populations. In addition to our weekly blog, we’ve provided a wealth of resources at your fingertips regarding mobility tax, global equity, and business travel—including on-demand webinars, online newsletters, and downloadable guides.

Below is a roundup of some of our top articles we’ve published in the first half of 2020.

Global Mobility and Corporate Tax

Tracy Novotny, Director for GTN’s West Central region, wrote about the “Importance of a Partnership: Global Mobility and Corporate Tax Teams." In this article, Tracy pointed out that not only can a mobile employee have an impact on corporate tax obligations, but the corporate tax position may have an impact on the individual taxation of the mobile employee. Given corporate tax and global mobility are often separate teams, it is important to have frequent communication between the teams to share the information needed for a successful mobility strategy.

“Ensuring the lines of communication are open between the global mobility and corporate tax teams will allow the organization to reduce risk and ensure compliance. The following provides several key areas of focus.” Read more.

Navigating the tax accrual process

Mandy Gibson, Manager for GTN’s West Central region, provided “Tips on Navigating the Tax Accrual Process." In this blog, she provided guidance on why a cost accrual solution is necessary, five tips for establishing an effective tax accrual process, and how you can find guidance to support your plan.

“To ensure incremental tax obligations don’t take you by surprise, it helps to have a process in place so you’ll be prepared for the additional expenses your mobile workers trigger along the way. To do this, many companies implement an accrual solution.” Read more.

How to help your mobile employees that no longer receive company tax assistance

Chris Hall, Managing Director for GTN’s Atlantic region, discussed common issues to consider when your mobile employees no longer receive company provided tax support in “DIY Expats – Tax Support for Off Program Moves.” This article outlined some of the challenges the transferring individual may face when they don’t have company provided support and covers what it might look like from the employer side.

“The challenge for the individual transferring globally is that tax education is not something that is easily accessible. It isn’t just understanding the rules in both countries; it’s how those rules interact with each other… Without proper guidance, this can put an employee at risk of financial harm.” Read more.

How to determine when it’s time to switch providers

Does your mobility tax services provider give you the responsive, actionable advice you need to quickly respond to the issues your company is currently facing? Do they provide you with proactive guidance for issues you didn’t know you had? Do you wish you were receiving a more personalized approach to your specific mobility situations? In “Is Your Mobility Tax Services Provider Too Big for You,” Mark Tirpak, Managing Director for GTN’s South region, shared insights into what you should expect and receive from your mobility tax services firm and when you should consider looking for a new provider.

“Somewhere along the line you realize your provider may be a bit too big for you and you aren’t getting the white-glove service you expected. It’s not unusual for a company with a small or mid-sized mobility program to feel like they are “a small fish in a big pond.” That’s because they often are.” Read more.

Download The Definitive Guide to Evaluating Mobility Tax Providers for tips on what to look for when evaluating your options.

Tips for transitioning to a new global mobility tax services provider

If your company is considering a switch to a new mobility tax services provider, “How to Seamlessly Transition to a New Global Mobility Tax Services Provider, by Sajjad Abadin, Senior Manager for GTN’s Great Lakes region, provided tips on how to make the transition a seamless process. He covered what to look for in a new provider, how to prepare for the switch in providers, and how to ensure no disruption for your mobile workforce.

“There could be any number of reasons you are thinking about making a change, and most providers are experienced in making that transition while ensuring their clients and mobile employees suffer no interruptions in their mobility tax services.” Read more.

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