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Manage the reporting complexities of equity incentives for a mobile workforce

Businesses often struggle with calculating, reporting, and communicating the tax implications of their mobile employees’ equity awards. GTN's Mobile Equity Management solution, enabled by our AllocateTM technology, provides a seamless environment for managing the reporting complexities of equity-based compensation. We will help you identify areas of risk, assess compliance gaps, address employer obligations for reporting and withholding of income and social security tax, and maintain equity remuneration as a valuable incentive for your cross-border employees.


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How it works

Import data
Employee data, equity inventory, and payroll information is loaded into Allocate™ either from a data file or a direct link to your HR system, expense reporting tool, or any other data collection functions.
Review and assess
Once received, we review your current stock remuneration plans, locations, and population demographics to identify areas of concern and assess non-compliance exposure.
Together we will work to implement the process to meet employee, employer, and stock vendor needs to address global compliance.



Do you know where your mobile employees' equity-based compensation should be reported?

Employees who receive equity-based compensation, and who relocate during the life of the award, create tax withholding and reporting obligations. AllocateTM uses your company rules along with advanced global and domestic tax logic to simplify your processes and ensure you and your employees maintain global compliance.



Education, compliance, and coordination for your equity team

Through our solution, we help you to understand the tax laws, identify the compensation reporting obligations, and determine the tax withholding requirements in all applicable tax jurisdictions for the life of each equity award. This allows you to seamlessly coordinate the reporting and withholding needs for these mobile employees with your stock plan administrator and global payroll teams.

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Value to you

Full support and management
We provide full support and management of the process, addressing your need to simplify your equity program and reducing the amount of time and effort required by your internal teams.
Enhanced employee experience
We assist with communications to your mobile employees, providing them with peace of mind that their situation is handled correctly so you can maintain stock remuneration as a valuable incentive to your cross-border employees.
Complete flexibility
Allocate™ is owned and developed in the US allowing us the ability to quickly update and customize features and reports specific to your needs.
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Customizable reports
Tailored reports with the information required for your equity team, stock plan administrator, global payroll teams, and individual employees, through a downloadable Excel file or integrated API.
Simple integration and customization
Customized to your award grant and vest schedule, country and state combinations, and mobile employee population arrangements, and integrated through an API or a file import.
Global and domestic tax logic
Multiple awards and equity compensation types (restricted stock units, non-qualified stock options, incentive stock options) along with built-in tax logic which populates reporting and withholding requirements to help reduce payroll errors and penalties.

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