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    Author Carolyn Goldfeder

    Carolyn has over 30 years of experience in the world of expatriate tax. She joined GTN in 2017 and serves as Manager in GTN’s Atlantic region. Carolyn focuses her efforts on compliance and consulting for her clients, providing proactive support for their international programs in an easy and straightforward manner.
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    What Your Company Needs to Know About Taxes for Overseas Workers

    New technologies and improved communications have made it easier than ever for businesses to participate in the global economy through the use of business travelers, international assignments, or permanent transfers. However, tax compliance for overseas employees can create unexpected challenges for both the employee and company. Working in another location for as little as one day can create tax filings for the individual, as well as tax reporting and withholding obligations for the company in the Home and/or Host location. Failing to comply with those obligations can lead to unexpected tax bills, increased audit costs, financial penalties, and legal and reputational risks for your company and the employee.