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Author Natalie Stine

Natalie has been with GTN since 2018 and currently serves as Senior. She specializes in preparing federal and state tax returns for expatriates and foreign nationals involving foreign tax credits, foreign earned income exclusion, FinCEN Form 114, and Form 8938, and assisting clients with global coordination of tax services and payroll in Home and Host countries. She is passionate about sustainability and the environment, and plays a key role in GTN's internal "Green Team" where GTN employees share environmental best practices, tips, and and resources to advance a sustainable initiative for the greater good. +1.763.496.0965 |
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Why Sustainability Matters for your Global Mobility Program

Over 55 years ago, scientists introduced the “greenhouse effect.” In November 1965, the Environmental Pollution Panel along with the President’s Science Advisory Committee issued a report called, “Restoring the Quality of Our Environment,” that pointed out how increasing temperatures in the atmosphere was occurring due to the buildup of carbon dioxide. The phrase “global warming” (i.e., climate change) was coined a decade later when the issue of a warming climate began to reach a larger audience.

Now, as the effects of climate change are felt by more than just the scientists, individuals around the world are urging corporations to step in. Workforces yearn for their employers to be environmentally, socially, and culturally thoughtful. In this article, we will explore the principle of sustainability and how the global mobility department can not only participate but take the lead in creating change within their corporation. Below we highlight both short- and long-term goals you can create for your global mobility program along with potential resources to help make these goals a reality.