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Author Rich Kuzich

Rich has over 17 years of experience in the mobility tax industry and currently serves as Manager at GTN. Over the course of his career, he has provided clients of all sizes with the leadership and direction needed for running successful global mobility programs. This includes relationship management, tax compliance and consulting, payroll withholding and reporting, executing tax equalization policy oversight and delivery, and team building. | +1.339.793.9742
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Understanding The 183-Day Rule For Income Tax Treaties

Whether you manage business travelers, short-term international employees, or remote workers, you have no doubt heard about the “183-day rule.” Both globally and domestically, many tax jurisdictions expect an employer (as well as the employee) to track and report non-resident business travel. However, simply applying a “183-day” threshold does not always work to ensure tax compliance. Here we will take a deeper dive into the impact of income tax treaties on the tax cost of business travel, short-term assignments, and remote work scenarios.