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Tips for a Post-Tax Season Review of your Mobility Program

Now that the intensity of another US tax busy season has passed, it’s an opportune time to reflect on your mobility program with a post-tax season check-up. Taking time now to review this past busy season will allow you and your mobility tax provider to discover ways to enhance the employee experience, highlight areas of risk and outline necessary actions, and understand any frustrations that occurred so you can strategize future improvements. To guide you through this review, we’ve created a checklist that includes key considerations and tips for a successful post-tax season review. 

Mobility Program Evaluation Checklist: Success Through Strategic Planning and Resource Allocation

In our globalized business landscape, international assignments remain a cornerstone of talent management strategies. And the responsibility for HR and mobility program professionals to orchestrate seamless transitions for employees stepping into roles on foreign soil is pivotal. The success of these endeavors hinges on a multitude of factors, including strategic planning, resource allocation, and policy implementation.

A Roadmap to Effectively Manage a T+1 Settlement Cycle for Mobile Participants

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has introduced a new rule that significantly impacts the settlement process for popular equity plans offered to employees, such as stock-settled Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) subject to tax withholding, and stock option/stock appreciation right exercises involving same-day sales. Effective May 28, 2024, the settlement cycle will be shortened from two business days after the transaction date (T+2) to one (T+1).

Tax Issues for Short-Term Business Visitors Traveling to the United Kingdom

In today's global economy, business travel is an essential part of the job for many individuals. Employees regularly cross borders to attend conferences, meet clients, explore investments, and more. For employers, managing the tax compliance needs of their business travelers can be complex as each country has unique requirements that must be understood and followed.

Ensuring Global Tax Compliance: Navigating the Duty of Care for Your Remote Employees

This article was originally published in Training magazine.

Why does duty of care training need an update in the age of remote work?

Most business leaders realize remote and hybrid work have significantly transformed the way organizations operate. However, amid this shift, one critical aspect that often goes unnoticed is the need to address the duty of care training and safety measures concerning remote workers’ tax compliance obligations.

Navigating Tax Busy Season: A Comprehensive Guide for Mobility Managers

Tax season can be a challenging time for mobility managers who are responsible for ensuring their globally mobile employees navigate the tax filing processes seamlessly. With complex international tax laws and filings, it's crucial that both employers and employees stay informed and be proactive when it comes to global mobility tax compliance.